ezConnect allows guests to confirm their appointments by sending specific keyword messages. For example, “OK”, or “Yes”.

In the same way, guests can also send specific keyword messages to cancel their existing appointments. This makes it very easy and convenient for the guests to cancel their appointments.

To configure keywords for appointment cancellation

  1. Launch ezConnect.

  2. From the options pane, select the gear icon (Settings).
    The Settings page opens.

  3. In the Keywords to cancel appointment box, enter the words or phrases that you want to add. A keyword or a phrase cannot exceed 25 characters.
    Note: Do not add "Stop", "Stop All", "Unsubscribe", "Cancel", "End", and "Quit" as a keyword. You can add single letter keywords such as “X”, “N” or full phrases such as “No Show for Appointment”, “Please close appointment”. This is usually based on the convenience of your guests.

  4. Click the + symbol.
    You have successfully added the keywords for appointment cancellation.
    Note: To add multiple keywords, repeat step 3. You can add a total of five keywords.

When you send a message to your guests for appointment cancellation, you must specify the keywords that your guests must use.

Refer to the following image:

When your guests cancel their appointments on ezConnect using a keyword, Zenoti does the following automatically, which saves the front-desk staff’s time:

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