Zenoti's refreshed front desk screens include refined icons and font styles to give customers a modern front desk experience. You can see the visual refresh across most of the front-desk-facing screens such as the login screen, list view, point of sale, Today’s Sales, Today’s Collections, and booking panel.

The intention is to give you a more pleasant workspace to carry out your day-to-day tasks. So yes, while Appointment Book will look new and fresh, all the functionality you have come to expect from Zenoti will remain the same.

We will upgrade all our customers to this refreshed front desk experience automatically. Some of the visual refresh improvements are for everyone while some are opt-in features.

Let's explore the improvements:

Enhancements for everyone

Sleek icons and crisp font styles

The icons are all consistent in style and size, and the font styles are visually more appealing.



Calendar View



List View



Today’s Sales



Booking Panel



Point of Sale



Login Page



Opt-in Enhancements

Apart from these visual refresh changes, you can choose to enable the refreshed guest search and the Appointment Book context menu for your organization.

Clean guest search* (opt-in feature)

Important: This feature is not enabled by default and requires you to enable a

setting at the organization and center level.

The new guest search will be clean and easy to use - the most frequent actions are available upfront.



Context menu presented as an intelligent context card* (opt-in feature)  


Disclaimer: We are giving some finishing touches to the context menu. It will be ready for you with our next release in the second week of November 2021.


Important: This feature is not enabled by default. Your administrator or owner must enable asetting at the organization and the center level.  

The context menu is now presented as a context card that has in-built intelligence. What this means is that the options you see for a new appointment vs the options you see for say, a confirmed or a completed appointment vary and are indicative of the next steps. We did say that the context card was intelligent, didn’t we?

The new context card presents related actions grouped together with tooltips where relevant, making navigation intuitive and quick for the front desk staff.

Note: Earlier, an administrator had to choose which tooltips to show on appointment blocks to avoid crowding. Now, there is enough space on the appointment blocks - you no longer need to configure tooltips.



Context-menu actions

1. Launch point of sale to take payment

2. Change status of the appointment

3. View closed invoice

4. Modify appointment

5. Reschedule appointment

6. The menu option allows you to:

  • Delete the appointment

  • Rebook an appointment

  • Rebook the visit

  • Redo the appointment

  • Lock the appointment

7. The options on the button of the context menu allow you to:

  • Add an invoice to the group bill

  • Locate a service

  • Take feedback

  • Print job card

  • Print appointment

  • Print receipt

8. More options allow you to:

  • Send virtual appointment

  • Enter prescription data

  • Send guest custom data profile link

  • Show appointment log

New theme – for that little change * (opt-in feature)

It's just nice to have an option to switch to a new theme – just like a breath of fresh air! Do try it out! You can always revert to the default theme.

*An admin must turn on a setting at the organization level and maybe overriden at the center level.


1. Will the upgraded icons have the same functionality as the old icons?

Yes, the icons will have the same functionality. They will now look and feel consistent and in line with the new interface.

2. What will be the default design when the Appointment Book changes are released?

By default, the Appointment Book will have the classic view. You can switch to the new design at the organization level. The other changes – the context menu and guest search are also optional, and you can continue to use the older version of both these features.

3. After the changes are live, which theme will my business have?

Your business will have the classic theme.

4. Is the new context menu optional? Where can I change or switch back to the old context menu?

Yes, you have the option to pick between the old and new context menus. You can change or go back to the old context menu at the organization level and center level.

You will still, by default, have the old context menu for the appointment book. To switch to the new context menu, you will have to change the setting at the organization level and center level.

5. Is the new guest search optional? Where can I change or revert to the old guest search?

Yes, you have the option to pick between the old and new guest search. By default, you will have the old guest search. You can change to the new guest search at the organization and center level.

6. What is the difference between the Classic and Blue themes?

The only difference between the Classic and Blue themes is the colors. Both the themes will have the same icons, fonts, spacing and clean layouts. The change in themes will not affect the functionality of the Appointment Book in any way.

7. Where can I switch the theme from Classic to Blue?

You can set the theme at the organization level and center level.

8. Where is the broom icon to erase entered information from the appointment booking panel?

The broom icon to erase entered information from the booking panel is now an eraser icon with the same functionality.



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