1. My Verifone device is not powering ON.
    Check if the power cable is connected to the device.
    Refer to the following images:

    • P400 Plus:

  • Verifone V400m:

  • Verifone E285p:

Note: The device must power ON after you connect the power cable. If it does not, press the green colored button and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.

2. How to connect the device to the internet?

  • In case of issues, take the following steps:

  1. Enter the admin mode of the device:

    1. Press the number 9 key and the green button.
      The device prompts you to enter the admin mode key.

    2. Enter 4060 on the keypad.
      The admin menu appears.

  2. Tap Networks > Diagnostics.
    The Diagnostics screen appears and shows the following:
    Note: You must run all three diagnostic checks.

    1. PSP Connection

    2. Terminal API

    3. Endpoints

  3. If the checks are passed successfully, you device should connect to the internet through WiFi. If not, connect the device to an ethernet cable.

3. How do I know if the device is ready to process payments?

  • The device is ready after it connects to the internet. You will see the WiFi and the cloud icon along with the Adyen logo on the home screen.
    Refer to the following image:

4. I don’t see a cloud icon on the device.

  • If you do not see the cloud icon on your terminal, ensure the following:

    • Internet connection is available.

    • Follow the steps in the question How to connect the device to the Internet?

    • In case of no connectivity through WiFi, use an ethernet cable.

5. Device reboot is taking lot of time. What should be done?

  • If your device is taking lot of time to reboot, it could be due to device upgrades. Many times, the device reboots itself when downloading an update or a firmware. During this time, the device reboots multiple times until the process is finished. Do not collect payments during this time.

6. How to change WiFi network on my card reader?

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