The steps in this article cater to existing businesses which need to update and API Key.

To update an existing API key

  1. At the organization-level, navigate to Admin > Setup > Apps.

    The Manage Applications page opens.

  2. To edit the API, click the pencil icon.

    The API page opens.

  3. Click Credentials.
    The Credentials page opens.

  4. Click Rotate.
    Note: This will generate a new API Key and your existing API Key will expire in a week. Replace the API key in your app before the expiry date.

    Zenoti displays a warning message.

  5. Click Ok.
    Zenoti will generate a new API Key.

  6. Copy the API Key on a Notepad.
    Note: Do not navigate away from this page without copying the API Key.

  7. Click Save.
    You have successfully updated the existing API Key.

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