Zenoti allows you to add various capabilities such as Appointment Booking, Reports, and Payments to your business through APIs. These APIs allow efficient data flow resulting in faster processing and smoother daily operations.

To add these capabilities to your business, you must create a backend app in Zenoti and then assign various APIs to this app. After assigning the APIs, you must generate your API key and use it in the applications.

The generated API key will have an expiry date of one year, and it is recommended that businesses update the API key before one week of its expiry.

Learn about the various API groups in Zenoti and their description.

To use Zenoti’s API functionalities:

  1. Create the backend app and generate a new API Key

  2. Update the existing API Key (Rotate) before expiry


  1. Each business can generate only one API Key per app.

  2. Zenoti will create a default app and assign an API Key for existing businesses.

  3. You must generate API Keys for each app, in case of multiple apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will generate a new API key?

  • A new API key is generated by the following entities:

    • New Businesses: Businesses that are new to Zenoti require to add various functionalities such as booking, reports, and payments. To add these functionalities, businesses will generate a new API key. The generated API key is valid for one year.

    • Existing Businesses: Businesses currently in Zenoti will already have a live API key. Since this is valid only for one year, they will need to generate a new API key before 1 week of the expiry date.

    • New Apps (New and Existing Businesses): A single API key can only be used for a single app. If the business has multiple apps, they must generate multiple API keys.

  • Why should I generate a new API key for each app?

  • When a business generates its first API key, it is assigned to the client app (Zenoti Web), which is called as the Default app.
    Mostly, businesses accept bookings on the Zenoti Web, Zenoti Webstore, as well as on the Consumer Mobile App (CMA). They manage their appointments on Zenoti Web, and Zenoti Mobile.
    A single API key cannot function efficiently in all the above apps, and it may result in slower operations or loss of data. Therefore, you must generate a new API key for each app.

  • What is the validity of the API key?

  • An API key is valid for one year. You must generate a new API key within one week of the expiry date.
    For example: If you are generating an API Key on 1st March 2021, the expiry date for the API key will be on 1st March 2022. You must generate the new API key on 22nd February 2022.

  • I have generated a new API Key one week before the expiry of the old key. Do I need to update the API keys immediately in my applications?

  • The old API key will work as usual till the expiry date. In the meanwhile, you have one week to update the new API key in your business applications.

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