It is important for businesses to receive the payouts as per schedule and to keep the hardware devices (card readers) up to date with the firmware upgrades.

There may be instances when there is a delay in deposits due to bank holidays or due to latency in automated jobs, and it becomes crucial for any business to know about it in advance

This article provides steps on how you can check the Zenoti Payments related status updates, subscribe to the relevant component, and receive alerts in case of incidents that delay payouts (deposits) or firmware upgrades on card readers.

Subscribe to Zenoti’s Status Page

  1. Navigate to the URL
    The status page opens and shows the system status.

  2. Scroll down to view the Payments PODS and check the status of your POD.

  3. After you check your POD’s status, on the top of the page, click Subscribe
    to Updates.
    The subscription pop-up appears.

  4. Enter your email address and click Subscribe via Email.

    The POD page appears, and you must select your respective POD.
    Note: All the PODs are selected by default.

  5. Click Select None to clear all the checkboxes.

  6. To select your POD, click the corresponding checkbox.

    For example, if you are from the US region and are using Zenoti Payments you must select ZPay_US.
    Similarly, if you are from EU/UK region select ZPay_UK, if you are from AUS region select ZPay_AUS and if you are from CA region select ZPay_CA.
    If you are using Zenoti Payments (Stripe) in US, select ZPay (Stripe) _ US.

  7. Click Save.
    You are redirected to the main status page and a confirmation message
    appears on the top of the page.
    Important: You will receive an email from Zenoti asking you to verify your
    email address and confirm the subscription. You must complete the verification
    to receive the updates and notifications.

You have successfully subscribed to the Zenoti’s status page, and you will receive updates and notifications in case of a downtime or a scheduled maintenance.


This legend lists out all the possible statuses and their respective color indicators.

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