Note: To update any printer settings, you must have system administrator access to your device (PC or MAC). If not, reach out to your IT team.

Set up Posiflex Aura-6800U printer

Posiflex Aura-6800U is a USB thermal printer that can be used for point-of-sale (POS) applications.

To set up the Aura-6800U printers on your computer, you need to connect the printer to your computer and follow the instructions in the installation manual that came along with the printer.

Perform a sample test

You must complete these steps so that your receipts print correctly.

  1. Set up the printer, connect the USB cable, connect the power cable, and connect the peripheral connection to the cash drawer.

  2. Do a sample test.

    1. Press and hold down the feed button while turning on the power switch.

      The printer performs a self-test mode and prints a sample slip at the right-hand side of the receipt.

    2. To exit the test printing, turn off the printer and switch it on again.

Install Posiflex Aura 6800U printer drivers

The printer comes with a product information CD that contains the drivers for Posiflex Aura 6800U and Aura 6800L printers. Install the drivers from Aura 6800U folder.

Configure the printer settings in Windows

You must configure printer settings to print receipts as per your business requirement. You can manage a specific cash register, receipt printing properties, or ports.

  1. On your machine, click to Start > Control Panel > View Devices and Printers

    The Devices and Printers page opens.

  2. Right-click your printer and click Printer Properties.
    The Printer Properties window opens.

  3. In the General tab, click Preferences

  4. To add a cash drawer, click the Peripherals tab, select the Peripherals drop-down list, and then select Cash Drawer.

  5. To open the cash drawer after the receipt is printed, do the following:

    1. Select the End of Document tab.

    2. Under Cash Drawer, select Open for Cash Drawer # 1 (2 Pins).

    3. Click Apply.

      Tip: If you want your cash drawer to open before the receipt is printed, select the Start of Document tab and follow steps 5 (a to c).

  6. Click OK to save the changes

    You can use Posiflex Aura 6800U to print your invoices.

Change browser settings

Change the browser settings and set the page margins to make sure the printer output is formatted correctly. Depending on which browser you use, click one of the following links:

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