Set up the scanner

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To set up the TVS Electronics Model - BS-C101 Star Barcode Scanner on your computer, you need to connect the scanner to your computer and follow the instructions in the installation manual (Programming Guide for Barcode Scanners) that came along with the scanner.

  1. Click here to download the installation manual (Programming Guide for Barcode Scanners).

    The Programming Guide for Barcode Scanners document lists all the default settings and the programmable parameters of the barcode scanner, such as mode of scanning (for example: trigger), and beeper tone selection. You can scan the barcodes for each of these settings to select the applicable modes.

  2. Scan the barcodes from the guide and make the required changes to the settings.

  3. Connect your BS-C101 Star barcode scanner to your computer.

    As BS-C101 Star scanner is plug-and-play, the required software is installed automatically.

    Now, you can verify if the scanner is working according to the settings that you configured.

Verify if the scanner is working

  1. Open a spreadsheet.

  2. Click the cell you want the scanned data to appear in.

  3. Scan any barcode.

    If you find the data (such as a series of numbers) for the scanned barcode in the selected cell, your scanner will be compatible with Zenoti.

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