If you handle front desk operations in a busy location, it is possible that the front desk is handled by many staff members to ensure smooth business operations. You and others running the front desk may have to frequently log in and log off.

To make login quicker, you can use a PIN number to login rather than your username and password.

Important: A PIN is valid until a new PIN is generated (irrespective of where it is generated from and by whom). As a best practice, if employees have trouble logging in, they must check their email and use the PIN in the latest email to log back into Zenoti.

After PIN log in has been set up for a business and a manager or owner generates PINs for employees, employees receive a PIN in their email (the email address configured in their employee profile).

The employee can use this PIN to log back into Zenoti if she’s:


Employee must select PIN Mode in Preferences. This is mandatory.

To log back into Zenoti using PIN
Note: You will see the PIN log in screen and not the regular Zenoti log in screen.

  1. Select your name from the list of employees you see on the PIN log in screen.

  2. Enter the PIN you received via mail under Enter PIN for (name).

  3. Click Submit.
    You will be logged into Zenoti.

Note: As an employee, you can generate and email PINs for yourself from your Preferences by clicking Generate and Email PIN. This way, you don’t have to rely on your manager to generate a PIN for you when you forget your PIN or if you have deleted the last email with a valid PIN. To get to the Preferences therefore, you must log in using your regular username and password.

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