After an administrator or owner has completed the initial set up steps to enable employees to use PINs to log in, a manager or owner can generate PINs from the employee profile.

Important: PINs are system-generated - you cannot create a personalized PIN.
Administrators or owners may generate PINs from the center level or from the employee profile level (as explained in this article).
The latest PIN generated takes precedence, and will work. This means, a PIN is valid until a new PIN is generated (irrespective of where it is generated from).

To generate a PIN from the employee profile

  1. At the center level, click the Employee icon.

  2. Navigate to Employees > Employees.

  3. Click the name of the employee for whom you want to generate the PIN.

  4. Click Generate and Email PIN.
    The employee gets the PIN number by email.
    Note: This is the email ID configured in the employee’s profile.

Zenoti confirms that an email has been sent to the employee’s email ID.

Best practice: If employees have trouble logging in, it is a best practice for them to check their email and use the PIN in the latest email to log back into Zenoti.

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