• What items can I sell using walk-in POS?
    Walk-In POS is only used to sell retail items. Since it takes time and effort to capture guest information, front-desk staff can quickly open the walk-in POS, add the retail items, payment type and proceed to close the invoice.

    All other item tabs are inaccessible in the walk-in POS. If you want to sell another item (say a gift card), you will have to switch to the regular point of sale.

    This allows the front-desk operation to move at a faster pace in a hassle-free style, especially for retail-heavy businesses.

  • Can an invoice with the Walk-In sale be added to a group bill?
    No, you cannot add an invoice with a walk-in sale to a group bill.

  • Can I convert a Walk-In sale invoice to a regular invoice?
    A walk-in sale invoice cannot be converted to a regular invoice. You will have to create a new invoice using the regular POS for the purpose of making a regular sale or to sell items other than retail items.

  • Which payment methods are supported in the walk-in POS?

    All payment methods that do not require capturing a guest's information are supported in the walk-in POS. These include:

    • Cash

    • Credit Card (Card on file and saving a new card is not allowed)

    • Debit Card (Card on file and saving a new card is not allowed)

    • Gift Card*

    • Custom Payment

    *Only supports gift cards for which the GC number is directly available. The Gift Card balance icon will not be shown in walk-in mode.

    Important: Payment types (Such as points and membership) that require the front-desk staff to record guest information are not supported in walk-in POS.

  • Is it possible to exchange a product included in a walk-in sale invoice?
    You can exchange a product included in a walk-in sale invoice. However, if a prepaid card is auto-generated for the exchange, the balance for it cannot be edited.

  • Is there a separate report for walk-in sales?
    There is no separate report to track walk-in sales. To look for data related to walk-in sales, the report can be filtered with the guest’s name as an online/walk-in sale.

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