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The Walk-In point of sale mode allows front-desk staff to sell retail items to walk-in guests without capturing any guest information.

Businesses have the option to set Walk-In as their default point of sale. This makes it easier for businesses with a high volume of retail sales as it makes the entire guest checkout process faster and more efficient.

On the other hand, the Regular Guest mode allows users to switch back to the normal point of sale to sell services, packages, memberships, and combinations of other items.

In this article, you'll learn how the Walk-In sale mode works.

To sell a retail item in Walk-In sale mode

1. Open Appointment Book.

2. Launch the Point of Sale.

There are two scenarios on how the Walk-In point of sale will appear:

  • If Walk-In point of sale is set as default for your business, the Walk-In sale mode will open automatically.

  • If Walk-In point of sale is not set as the default for your business, you will have to switch to the Walk-In sale mode from the regular point of sale.

3. To switch to Walk-In point of sale, click the Walk-In guest icon.

4. Add a product to the invoice.

5. Select the employee making the sale.

6. Apply any campaign or discount to the invoice.

7. Proceed to collect payment and tips from any of the given payment methods.

8. Close the invoice.

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