Learn how an administrator or business owner can configure the Thank you and Feedback Request template for Classes to get feedback for classes

Zenoti allows you to create the entire feedback experience for your students based on a five-star rating framework.

Important: You must enable the option Guest Feedback v2 from the organization level to set up this feedback experience (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Feedback). Learn more

After students complete a class, they can leave feedback via mail or text message (SMS), Webstore (online), or the mobile app.

To configure Feedback template for Classes (email and text):

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Email/Texts tab.

  3. In the Classes template section and locate the Thank You and Feedback Request template.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Select the check box, Turn this automated email on, in the Thank You and Feedback Request - Email section.

  6. Configure your Thank You and Feedback Request Email with the relevant Subject/Body [HTML].

  7. Ensure that you include the [FeedbackLink] macro in the Thank You notification.

    Click Save.
    Students get this email to provide their feedback.

  8. Similarly, to configure text (SMS) to go out to students, select the setting, Turn this automated message on and add the content to the Text message – be sure to add the [FeedbackLink] macro.
    Students get this text message to provide their feedback.

    Available Macros




The name of the business.


City where the center is located.


Complete address of the center (corresponds to the Address 1 and Address 2 field in the center settings).


State where the center is located.


Zip code/postal code of the center’s location.


Adds link to the feedback form.
If all the centers in your organization collect feedback from the guests, insert the following HTML tag into the Thank You notification:
<p>Please provide your feedback <a href = "[FeedbackLink]">here</a></p>
Note: The feedback text can be anything such as ‘Share your experience with us’ and not necessarily be ‘Please provide your feedback’. However, ensure that the text is correctly written between the HTML tags.


Name of the center where the invoice was generated.


: Primary phone number of the center where the service was availed (corresponds to the Phone 1 field in the center’s settings).


Secondary phone number of the center where the service was availed (corresponds to the Phone 2 field in the center’s settings).


Additional information about the center. This information is available in the Additional Text field of the center settings (Settings > Invoice & Receipts).


Country where the center is located.


Email address of the center where the service was availed.


Transactions email. Link to unsubscribe and stop receiving marketing and campaign emails.


Abbreviation of a time zone (such as PST or PDT based on daylight savings). This macro is especially useful for virtual appointments where the student may be in a different time zone from the instructor or instructor who is hosting the session. You can use this macro with the [StartTime] and [EndTime] macro.


Name of the class.


Scheduled time of the class.


Name of the instructor.


Scheduled date of the class.

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