Students who have packages may want to share or gift one or more of their package class credits to their family or friends. Businesses that sell packages see this as an opportunity to attract new students to their classes; they can then run targeted campaigns on them to gain new clientele.

To transfer service credit for a class from one student to another:

  1. From the Classes roster, search for and access the student profile of the student who wishes to transfer package credits.

  2. Go to the Packages tab of the student profile.
    The list of packages purchased by the student appears.

  3. From the Package Name column, click the name of the package from which the student wishes to transfer a package class credit.
    The Packages Activity window for the student appears. If the package is active and has enough balance credits, you can transfer credits.

  4. From the Balance column, click Transfer.

    Note: You may be prompted to enter your credentials depending on settings enabled by your organization to ensure that only authorized users can transfer class credits.

  5. Enter the Quantify (number) of credits the student wishes to transfer and the Recipient name.

  6. Click Save.
    You get a confirmation message to say that the credit has been transferred successfully.
    Notice that the number of credits in the student's profile under the Balance column is reduced (by 1, in our example).

    The Wallet of the student (profile) to whom the credit was transferred, will show an increase in the Balance column for the credit she got for this package.

    You have successfully transferred the package credit.

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