At times, guests may like to see a list of all the transactions they conducted at your center, including transactions that are successful, failed, pending, and cancelled.

Zenoti allows your front-desk staff to view a list of all the transactions done by your guests at your center. This way, the front-desk staff can give clarity to your guests and clear a confusion in case of duplicate transactions.

To view all the guest’s transactions

  1. Open the guest profile of the guest whose transactions you want to see.
    The guest profile opens.

  2. Scroll right and open the Payments tab.
    The Payments tab opens, and you can see all the guest’s transactions for a maximum of one year.

  3. Select the search criteria

  4. Click Refresh.

    The transactions are listed in a tabular format, and provide following information:

  • Invoice No: The invoice number of the transaction.

  • Receipt No: This is the receipt number generated for the transaction

  • Transaction Type: This column shows if the transaction is a Sale, Refund, or Authorization.
    Note: Authorization is the process of temporarily freezing or holding the money from the account of the user, till the transaction is successfully cleared or goes through.

  • Transaction Status: This is the status of the transaction. The status will be one of the following:

    • Successful: A transaction that is completed successfully will have this status.

    • Failed: A transaction that did not complete, either due to technical error, or non-availability of funds, or any other reason will have this status.

    • Pending: A transaction that is not completed, and waiting for additional information either from the guest or from the bank will have this status.

    • Cancelled: A transaction that is cancelled either by the merchant or the guest, will have this status.

  • Reason: This is the reason for either a Failed, Pending, or a Cancelled transaction.
    Note: A successful transaction will not have a reason.

  • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice was generated.

  • Transaction Date: The date of the transaction.

  • Amount: This is the amount of the transaction.

  • Tip: This is the tip paid to the provider in this transaction.

  • SSG: This is the Support Staff Gratuity (SSG) paid in the transaction.

  • Payment Mode: This is the payment mode used in the transaction.

  • Card Number: This column displays the last 4 digits of the card that was used for the transaction.

  • Card Invoice No: This is the card invoice number number generated by card issuer.

  • Card Bank: This is the name of the card issuer or bank.

  • Card Expiry: This is the expiry date of the card used in the transaction.

  • Check Number: This is the check number of the check used in the transaction.

  • Check Bank: This is the name of the bank present on the check.

  • Check Date: This is the date of the check used in the transaction.

  • Custom Name: This is the name of the custom payment used in the transaction.

  • Additional Data: This column displays “CC”, only if there is a credit card payment on the transaction.

  • Membership: This is the membership name of the guest.

  • Gift Card: This is the gift card number used in the transaction.

  • Prepaid Card: This is the prepaid card number if used in the transaction.

  • LP Program: This is the loyalty points program of the guest.

  • Center: This is the center where this transaction was conducted processed.

To view specific type of transactions of the guest, the front-desk staff can use the following search filters:

  • Search Transactions : Enter any one of the following to view the corresponding transaction:

    • Invoice Number

    • Amount

    • Last four digits of the card

  • Transaction Date: Select the time period for which you want to view the transactions. The front-desk staff can select from these options:

    • Yesterday

    • Last 7 days

    • Last 14 days

    • This Month

    • 2 Months

    • 3 Months

    • 6 Months

    • 1 Year

    • Custom

  • Transaction Type: The front-desk staff can view the following types of transactions:

    • All Selected

    • Sale

    • Refund

    • Authorization

  • Status: The front-desk staff can search as per the following statuses:

    • All Selected

    • Successful

    • Failed

    • Pending

    • Cancelled

Note: To view the transactions as per your search criteria, click Refresh.

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