Using the Custom Domain setup in Zenoti, you can register a new domain for your Webstore to be a subdomain of your website domain.

For example, if your existing Zenoti online booking URL is, and you own the domain, the hostname can be masked to, a subdomain of the domain

To register a new custom domain

  1. At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Setup > Custom Domains.

    The Add New Domain page appears.

    Note: If you already have a registered custom domain, instead of Add New Domain, the Custom Domains Added page opens, from where you can manage the domain.
    Learn how to edit, verify, or delete a registered domain.

  2. Under the Domain and User Details section, in the Custom Domain Name box, enter the custom domain name.
    For example,

  3. In the User Email Address box, enter the email address of the user setting up the account. The email ID entered here will be used to create a new Let’s Encrypt account for SSL management. The email ID is also used to validate domain ownership, and in the case of automated SSL management, to generate SSL certificate.

  4. Click Next.

    The Choose type of SSL management section appears.

  5. Select from the following:

    • Automated SSL Management (Recommended): Use this option if you want Zenoti to set up and manage your SSL certification through an automated system. The necessary SSL certificates are generated through Let’s Encrypt, a certifying authority. This option also renews the SSL certificates automatically upon expiry.

    • Manual SSL Management: Use this option if you want to set up SSL binding with a certificate that you have already created for the domain name in use. You will have to upload the certificates for verification and storage to initiate SSL binding.

      When you choose this option, SSL certificates must be renewed manually. You can set up alerts in Zenoti to trigger when SSL certificate is about to expire.

    1. If you’ve selected Automated SSL Management in step-5, enter the following details in the Please fill in the below details to start SSL Management section:

      1. Organization name

      2. Locality

      3. State

      4. Country

        Note: Zenoti automatically fills the information for the fields that are available in the General tab of the organization details. You cannot edit these automatically filled fields. You need to only enter the missing information.

        Zenoti generates Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Let’s Encrypt uses the information in the CSR for the generation and renewal of SSL certificates.

    2. If you’ve selected Manual SSL Management in step-5:

      1. Contact your Domain provider (Go Daddy, HostGator, or others), and ask for the following:

        • SSL Certificate (in PEM file format).

        • Private key used to sign the SSL certificate (in PEM file format).

        • Chain of certificates (in PEM file format). The file should not contain private key.

      2. Upload the files in the relevant upload links.

  6. Click Next.

    The Add DNS Records section appears.

  7. Make a note of the CNAME and TXT records – you must add these details to your domain.

  8. If you’ve already added the DNS records to your domain, click Verify.
    You’ve successfully completed the ownership verification process and your domain is activated. OR

    If you need time to add the DNS records to your domain, click Verify Later.

    You must verify the domain ownership to activate the domain.

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