A custom domain for your Webstore makes it easier for your clients and other people to find and remember it with a unique web address, such as booking.spabliss.com

Using the Custom Domain setup in Zenoti, you can customize the URL of your Webstore to be a subdomain of your website domain.

For example, if your existing Zenoti online booking URL is spabliss.zenoti.com/webstoreNew, and you own the domain spabliss.com, the hostname can be masked to booking.spabliss.com.

The masked URL internally redirects to the Zenoti booking URL.

To access the Custom Domain setup, at the organization level, click on the Admin icon and navigate to Setup > Custom Domains.

On this page you can:
1. Register a new domain, if no domains are active or marked to be verified.

2. Manage your registered domain, if a domain is active or is marked to be verified.

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