This article helps you in setting up the points program for your Webstore.

To set up the loyalty program for your webstore

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Online Booking tab and click the Webstore V2 template.

  3. Expand Loyalty Points.

You can customize the following information for loyalty points :

  • Loyalty Points Label: The name of the loyalty points program.

    Example: Bliss Bucks

  • Rewards Label: The name of the rewards .

    Example: Bliss Rewards

  • Text for points to next reward: The text for the number of points the guest needs to earn for the next reward.

    Note: Use the macro [PointsForNextReward] for the Number of points the guest needs to earn next reward.

    Example: You are [PointsForNextReward] Bliss Bucks away to earn your next Bliss Rewards!

  • Loyalty Points Overhead Banner: Turn on this switch to activate the loyalty points overhead banner.

  • Overhead Banner Color: The color for the overhead banner . To add a color, click inside the Overhead Banner Color box and pick a color

  • Overhead Banner Text: The text that for the overhead banner.

    Example: Congratulations! You have <b>[RedeemableRewards</b>] Bliss Rewards!</b><br>Loyalty Points needed to collect next reward: <b>[PointsForNextReward] Bliss Bucks</b> 🙌


    Use the following macros to customize the banner: .

    • [PointsForNextReward]: Number of points the guest needs to earn for the next reward.

    • [RedeemableRewards]: Number of rewards the guest can redeem.

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