Your business may require guests to sign some forms when they purchase packages. For example, you could have different forms such as agreement forms, medical information forms, terms and conditions forms, and forms that outline terms for freezing a package.

Package forms are used to capture these details. You can assign a package form to a group of services as part of a package.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Custom fields > Custom forms.

  2. Click Add.

Perform these steps under the General tab

  1. Under the Name, Code, and Description fields, enter the name, code, and description of the form.

  2. From the Form type list, select Packages.

  3. By default, the creation mode is set to Form builder and the availability of the form is set to Online.

    Package forms can only be created in online mode. However, if you have existing offline package forms, you may continue using them. Any new creation of package forms will only be supported in the online mode with the use of form builder.

  4. To set a specific purpose for the form, under the Purpose list, select one of the following:

    • Sign-up: The form will be used for signing up a guest for a new package.

    • Others: The form will be used for package-related activities apart from sign-up. For example, feedback.

  5. Set the form status as Active or Inactive.

    By default, the status is set to Active, meaning the form is ready to be associated with packages.

  6. Click Save & Proceed.

Perform these steps under the Design tab

  1. From the form list, under the Sample tab, select a sample form, or a blank form.

    To use a form that you created recently, from the Recent tab, select a form.

  2. Click Use form.

  3. To add fields to the form, from the Tools list, drag components onto the form.

    To customize a component, place the mouse pointer on the component and click the Edit button.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To preview, use the Builder - Preview toggle.

    By default, the preview is in desktop mode. However, you can also preview in mobile and tablet modes.

  6. After you build the form, perform one of the following steps:

    • Save: Saves the form

    • Save and close: Saves the form and redirects you back to the Manage custom forms page.

    • Close without saving: Redirects you back to the Manage custom forms page without saving the form.

You can now associate the form with a package.

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