The Branding section of the CMA template allows you to select colors for primary and secondary buttons, containers, and text items. You can also add brand logos, typefaces and symbols to personalize and customize the CMA according to your branding and marketing requirements.

To access the Branding section:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > CMA template.

  3. In the Categories pane, expand the Branding section.

    In this section, you can configure:


    1. You can configure the following colors for Light Mode and Dark Mode.

      • Primary button background color

      • Primary button foreground color(Text color)

      • Secondary button border color

      • Secondary button foreground color(Text color)

      • Link color

    2. You can select from the following Status bar text modes

      • Black

      • White

    Brand Logos, Symbols, and Typeface

    You can configure the following items:






Sign up Screen Logo

This image is displayed as your logo when a guest signs in


.jpg, .jpeg, or.png

Top Navigation Header Icon

This image is displayed on the top of the screen after a user has logged in


.jpg, .jpeg, or.png

Splash Logo (Used in CMA V3)

This image is displayed while the app is launching.


.jpg, .jpeg, or.png

App Icon (used in CMA V3)

Users will see this on the app drawer of the device and on the app store page.


.jpg, .jpeg, or.png


  • You can Add up to five carousel images on the Onboarding screen.

    The resolution and format of each image must be as follows:

    • Resolution: 1500 X 1680 px

    • Format: jpg, jpeg or png

3. To publish the changes, click Publish.

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