Disclaimer: The POS functionality on Zenoti Mobile V2 is only supported on iPads and Android tablets; it is not available on iPhones and Android phones.


The front-desk staff can include free services in an invoice as an offer package for customers. For example, as a summer special, Omni Spa and Salon is offering two free in-house body massages on purchase of three in-house body massages.

The configuration of offer packages is depended on how they are set up on Zenoti.

In this article, you will learn how to sell an offer package to a guest.

To sell an offer package from Zenoti Mobile

1. Open or create a new invoice.

2. Go to Packages.

3. Search and locate an offer package you want to sell to the guest.

4. Tap Add.

The Create Offer package dialog box opens.

5. From Avail offer on drop-down list, select a service for which you want to generate a new offer package.

6. Tap OK.

The offer package is added to the invoice.

In the example above, a guest-specific offer package is generated for which the guest will pay for two fifteen-minutes in-house body massages and get one free in-house body massage.

7. Continue to apply discounts, take payment, and close the invoice.

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