Certain service forms offer the providers an option to take photographs of the guest undergoing a treatment, such as Acne Removal, at different stages of the treatment. Providers use these photographs to compare the before and after photos and track the progress. In Zenoti providers can access these photographs from the View Uploads page in the Forms Unified View tab.

Note: Depending on your business need, you can rename the Forms Unified View tab of Guest profile. For example, if you are using this tab to show treatment related information then, you can enter ‘Treatment plan’ as the name of the tab.

To compare photographs:

  1. Navigate to the Forms Unified View tab, and then click the View Uploads icon.

    The Uploads page opens with the following sections:

    • GUEST CUSTOM DATA UPLOADS – Lists all the photographs of the guest taken from the Guest Intake Form.

    • SERVICE FORM UPLOADS – Lists all the photographs of the guest taken from services forms.

  2. To view the photographs, click the image thumbnails.

  3. To compare photographs, select the Add to compare check box below the photographs.

    The Compare pop-up opens with the selected photographs and you can assess the progress of the treatment.

    Note: At a time, you can only compare two photographs.

  4. To close the pop-up window, click Close.

  5. To return to the Forms Unified View tab, on the top-right corner of the Uploads page, click the View Unified View icon.

    You return to the Forms Unified View.

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