Providers must know the form status and the appointment status to make informed decisions about the service. If the form is not filled, or is expired, they can send an email to the guest asking them to fill the form.

Note: Depending on your business need, you can rename the Forms Unified View tab of Guest profile. For example, if you are using this tab to show treatment related information then, you can enter ‘Treatment plan’ as the name of the tab.

View appointment status

  1. Navigate to the Forms Unified View tab, and then locate the relevant service.

  2. Next to each service, one of the following appointment statuses are displayed:

    • Open

    • Closed

    • Deleted

    • No Show

    • Cancelled

    • Void


    • Forms for Deleted, No Show, Cancelled, and Void appointments are generally blank; this is confusing to providers. To avoid this, only the forms that have Open and Closed appointment statuses are selected by default as these usually have information filled-out by guests.

      1. To view the forms for Deleted, No Show, Cancelled, and Void appointments, select the relevant statuses from the Appointment Status drop-down list.

      2. Click Search.

        Zenoti displays all the forms with the selected appointment statuses.

    • Forms for deleted, no show, cancelled and void appointments are discarded by default. To retain forms for Deleted, No Show, Cancelled, and Void appointments, you must select the relevant appointment statuses in the organization settings.

View form status

  1. To view the completion status of each form, click the Expand to view forms icon.

  2. Next to each form name, one of the following form statuses are displayed:

    • Not filled

    • Filled

    • Expired

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