The Forms Unified View tab of the Guest Details page is the hub for all service forms, treatment plans, medical charts, treatment notes, subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) notes, and consent forms the guest submits for different services that they book.

You can send out reminder emails to guests reminding them to submit the required forms for the services that they take. This way, they can fill the forms online and save time when they are in the center.

To send email reminding guest to submit forms:

  1. Navigate to the Forms Unified View tab, locate the service, and then click the Expand to view forms icon.

  2. Next to the View Form icon of the forms with the Not Filled or Expired status, click the Send email link icon.

    A reminder pops up informing you that a link to the form is sent to guest’s registered email.

  3. To close the pop-up, click OK.

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