Disclaimer: This article is only for the latest version of Zenoti Reports. Do not compare the data in this version with the data in the previous version.

The Package Benefit Detail report helps center managers gain insights into scheduled payments that are due. Managers and owners can then follow-up with guests on payments that failed, alert guests about upcoming payments, and project collections in a given time period.

This report also offers insights into package sales, invoice details, package benefits, balances, the value of the redeemed benefits, and more.

This article contains the following sections:


  1. In Zenoti, from the main menu, click the Reports tab. The Reports Dashboard page opens.

  2. Click Try the New Version.

  3. Search for and open the report.
    The Packages Benefit Details v2 report opens on a new tab.

  4. Depending on your requirement, select the desired filters.

  5. Click Refresh.
    The report is generated based on the selected filters.

Filter Criteria

Filter Name



Sale Center

  • All

  • List of centers

View the report for all centers or for selected centers only.

Package Category

  • All

  • List of package categories

View the report by all package categories or by select package categories.

Liability Type

  • By Sale

View the report by sale liability type.

Date Type

  • Sale date

  • Balance as on date

  • Expiry date

  • Sale Date - The date on which the Package was sold

  • Balance As On Date - The Date on which the balance has to be verified, the following fields are dependent on this field:

    Packages Sale Date is before this date Redemption Qty - The total qty of redemption till this date, hence the balance value will be based on it; if Package is expired the Expired Value will appear

  • Expiry as On Date - The Date on which the package is set to expire. This report considers only the redemption till date and does not consider future redemptions.

Sale Date and Expiry Date

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • Tomorrow

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 14 days

  • Last 30 days

  • Last week

  • Last month

  • Last quarter

  • Week to date

  • Month to date

  • Last month to date

  • Last 3 months to date

  • Last 6 months to date

  • Last 12 months to date

  • Quarter to date

  • Half year to date

  • Current month

  • Current quarter

  • Current half year

  • Custom

You will find the following additional options to filter when you filter by Expiry date:

  • Tomorrow

  • Next month

  • Next quarter

Package Search

Search for a package by package name or package code.

Column Descriptions



Invoice Num

Invoice number of the transaction.

Sale Center

The center where the package was sold.

Package Code

The unique identifier of the package.

Package Name

Name of the package.

Package Category

Name of the package category associated with the package sold.

Guest Name

Name of the guest who purchased the package.

Sale Date

Date on which the package was sold.

Start Date

Date on which the package is set to start the redemption.

Package Expiry Date

Date on which the package is set to expire.

Package Expiry Date (Grace Period)

Date on which the package is set to expire after the grace period (if defined).

Benefit Type

The benefit type of the package such as Service, Product, Class, Service Tag, Product Tag, Class Tag, Service Category, Product Category, or Class Category.

Benefit Name

The benefits in the package purchased; it may include the name of the service, product, class, or the associated service tag, product tag, class tag, or the associated service category, product category, or class category.

Accrued Quantity

Total quantity of the benefit that's accrued.


Total value of the benefit that's accrued.

Redeemed Quantity

The quantity of the benefit that remains in the package that the guest can redeem.

Redeemed Value

The value of benefits to be redeemed.

Balance Quantity

The quantity of benefits that remain and can be redeemed.

Package Status

Shows the status of the package such as

  • Inactive - If the Start Date is in the future and the package cannot be redeemed.

  • Active - If the package is available for redemption.

  • Active (Refunded) - If Allow to refund a package multiple times setting is enabled and a part amount is refunded.

  • In Grace - If the package has expired and is currently in Grace Period.

  • Expired - If the packages has expired and the Grace period a has passed.

  • Frozen - If the package is frozen.

  • Refunded - If the package is refunded and can no longer be redeemed.

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