Disclaimer: This enhancement applies to businesses where the value-based model is enabled and sync is configured at the journal entries level.

When loyalty points expire or are reversed, your business can configure to post the expired amount or the amount from reversal as revenue to the business.

For the value of expired and revered loyalty points, Zenoti considers the redemption ratio (the value for each point) at the time of posting the journal entry.

To configure posting of expired or reversed loyalty points as revenue

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Integrations tab or Admin > Organization menu > Centers > Integrations tab.

  3. Select Accounting.

  4. Expand the Configuration tab and navigate to the Invoice section.

  5. Under Financials, select the Post Journal Entries check box.

5. Select the Post Expired Amount check box.

The Default Item for Loyalty Points Expired Amount box appears. This is the item used to post the revenue from the expired loyalty points for a day.

Note: Under the Payments Mapping tab, you can also see a payment type added to post expired amount as revenue.

6. Under the Sync section, click Save.

7. Expand the Payments Mapping tab.

8. From the Payment Header list, select Expired Loyalty Points Liability.

9. From the Mapped Account list, select the corresponding chart of accounts in the accounting platform.

10. Click Add.
The payment header is added.

11. Click Save.
The payment mapping is saved.


Admin Sync – Sale Order Summaries report

Other reports

Loyalty Points - Expiration Report

Use this report to check the expired loyalty points.

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