To protect the privacy of guests, businesses have the option to hide specific treatment notes of guests from service providers. A note can be added as a private note in the guest profile by only those who have the right permission to view private notes.

In this article, you will learn how to add and view private notes in the guest profile.

The ability to view and add private notes to the guest profiles is depended on the permission assigned to you.

To add a private note in the guest profile

  1. Open Appointment Book.

  2. In the search field, enter the guest’s name.

  3. Select the search result.
    The guest profile opens.

  4. Go to the Notes tab.

  5. In the text field, enter the note you want to add.

  6. From the list of options given to control the visibility of the note, select Private.

  7. Click Add.

You've successfully added a private note for the guest.

To view a private note in the guest profile

  1. Open a guest profile.

  2. Go to the Notes tab.

  3. From All Notes drop-down list, select note type as Private.
    The notes are filtered to show only the ones marked as Private.

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