Digital payment fee is the percentage of the fee charged by the payment provider on each payment.

In Zenoti, you can configure to post the digital payment fee as journal entries into the accounting platform (such as QuickBooks) to improve tracking and transparency of the accounting process.

Important: A subsidiary is a payment provider for a location or center.

To configure posting of digital payment fee to the accounting platform

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations. Or, navigate to Organization > Centers.

  2. Click the Integrations tab and expand Accounting.

  3. Expand the Configuration tab.

  4. Navigate to the Invoice section and locate Miscellaneous Journal Entries.

  5. Select the Post Digital Payment Fees checkbox.
    The Post by Subsidiary checkbox is enabled.

  6. Select the Post by Subsidiary checkbox to post digital payment fee by each provider per location (center).

  7. Click ​Save​​.

  8. Expand the ​Miscellaneous Journal Type Mapping​​ section.


  9. For each cash transaction, map the following details and click ​Add​​:​

    • ​Journal Type​​: Select Digital Payment Fees.

    • ​Location​​: Center for which the journal entry has to be posted.

    • ​Subsidiary​​: Payment provider for each location.
      - If you've selected the ​Post by Subsidiary​ option for the journal entry in the Configuration tab, you can see all the payment providers for the selected locations.
      - If you've not selected the ​Post by Subsidiary ​​option for the journal entry in the Configuration tab, you can see the All Provider option (the default payment provider).

    • ​Credit Account:​​ Chart of accounts in the accounting platform for credit entry.

    • Debit Account​​: Chart of accounts in the accounting platform for debit entry.

    Important: If the journal entry has a negative amount, the entries are reversed - the mapped Debit Account is credited and the mapped Credit Account is debited.

  10. To manually sync data, expand the ​Manual Sync​ section and locate ​Miscellaneous Journal Entries​​.

    • Select the date for which you want to post data.

    • Click ​Post​​.

Note: To add auto-sync schedules, reach out to Zenoti.

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