To protect the privacy of guests, businesses have the option to hide specific treatment notes of a guest from other providers. A note can be added as a private note in Zenoti Mobile by only those who have the right permission to view private notes.

In this article, you will learn how to add and view private notes in Zenoti Mobile.

The ability to view and add private notes in Zenoti Mobile is depended on the permission assigned to you.

To add a private note in Zenoti Mobile

1. Open Zenoti Mobile.

2. Tap Guest.
3. Search and select the guest.
The Guest Details screen appears.

4. Go to Notes.
Different types of notes appear.

5. From the Private Notes section, tap +Notes.

6. Enter your note and tap Save.

To view a private note in Zenoti Mobile

1. Open the guest profile.

2. Tap Notes.
Here you will see notes for which you have the permissions.

3. Go to Private Notes.

All private notes for therapists appear under this section.

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