Businesses may run monthly promotions in which guests can buy a set of products at a discounted price.

Let’s say that the LA center has the following products for retail:

· Hair Shampoo @ $38

· Hair Conditioner @ $45

· Hair Oil @ $120

Now, the LA center wants to run a promotion for Mother’s day and sell the three hair products at a discounted price of $150 (the actual total price of all the three items otherwise is $203). This is a final price discount, not a flat discount.

In Zenoti you can define give promotional final price discounts on items.

To create a final price discount for products

1. Either at the organization or center level, navigate to Marketing > Offers > Discounts.
The Manage Discounts page appears.

2. Click Add.
The Create a New Discount page opens and shows the General tab.

3. For Multiple campaigns can be applied on, select Single Invoice or None.

4. For Discount, select Item level and from the list, and then select the Define discount for each selected product option as the final price discount is applicable to only products.

5. Click Next thrice to go to the Products tab.

6. Complete the steps in this article - Create a Discount - Products Tab.

Important: You cannot combine Final Price discount with Percentage or Flat Value discounts.

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