A guest can enable the Zenoti GO features such as Self Check-in, automated touchless payments using Auto-pay, and self-initiated payments using Self-pay.


  • The business must first enable Zenoti Go for their organization. Contact Zenoti Support to enable Zenoti Go for the organization.

  • After Zenoti Go is enabled for the organization, the admin can configure the images, text, and set up branding through the CMA template. Learn how

  • Guests must have the latest version of the app in their device. (The version number is available at the bottom of the menu. To access the menu, tap the hamburger icon.)

To enable Zenoti GO .on your device

  1. Log in to CMA.

  2. Tap the GO icon on the top right to open Set up GO.

  3. Tap Upgrade to GO.

    The terms and conditions open.

  4. Tap Agree.

    The page to set up self check-in opens.

  5. Tap Enable Permissions, and then enable the following permissions:

    • Location: The Location setting allows the CMA to determine if the guest
      is within 100 meters of the center’s coordinates and allows them to check-in. Guests must provide ‘While Using the App’ location permission.

    • Notification: Enable this setting to receive check-in push notifications.

    After the guest enables self check-in, proceed to set up check out options.

  6. Choose from the following:

    • Yes, enable Auto Pay – select this option if you want a truly contactless and time-saving experience. As soon as you check in for an appointment, your saved card is authorized for the amount, which includes the default tip that you have selected. You can walk out of the center as soon as your service is complete as your payment is automatically charged.

    • No, Pay using my phone every time – sselect this option if you wish to initiate payments for the services online each time, without any assistance from the front desk or without the requirement of any physical terminal. You can pay for the appointment (services + tips) anytime after the beginning of the service. The payment is collected from your saved card.

    Payment options set up opens.

  7. Add card details, set default tip, and then tap Finish Set up.

    A confirmation screen appears, letting you know the Zenoti GO features that you can avail in the next appointment, such as Self Check-in and Auto-pay.

  8. Tap Done.

    You are upgraded to Zenoti GO.

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