• What is Single Opt-in?
    Single Opt-in: Send notifications with the opt-out option.
    This option is for businesses who do not need consent from guests to send notifications - Zenoti will send notifications to guests till they choose to opt-out from receiving notifications.

  • What is Double Opt-in?
    Double Opt-in: Send consent notification and wait for the guest to opt-in to receive further notifications.

    This option is for businesses that must comply with local laws to take consent from guests before sending any notification.

  • What is the difference between Single Opt-in and None option?
    - The None option does not have any opt-in or opt-out options for guests.
    - The Single Opt-in option allows businesses to send out notifications with the opt-out links or keywords - the guests are allowed to opt-out from receiving notifications.

  • When is the Single Opt-in notification sent?
    As soon as you select the preferences in the guest profile, the single opt-in notification is sent; provided the template is enabled.

    Note: For existing guests, you have to manually update the notification preferences in guest profile - Currently, we do not have a bulk option to update the preferences in the guest profile.

  • For single or double opt-in, what is the message content that is sent to guests? Is that configurable?

  • The opt-ins are applicable for email, SMS and Push?
    The opt-ins are only for Email and SMS (including WhatsApp).

  • Do guests need to opt in for Email and SMS separately?

  • What if I select the None option but the opt-in templates are on. Is the opt-in-related notification sent to guests?

    No. The opt-in or opt-out notifications are sent only if you enable Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in respectively.

  • For guest-facing apps such as Webstore, CMA, Kiosk where a guest can opt in, and the business has enabled double opt-in, what will Zenoti consider for sending notifications on the guest-facing apps?
    Single opt-in.

  • When double opt-in is enabled, what is shown in the guest profile until the guest replies?
    Initially, you can see the Request button to seek consent from guests. After you request consent, you can see the Retry button - which means that you are waiting for the guest to respond and haven't received the response yet and you can resend the opt-in notification.

  • Do these messages use credits?

  • Do we have any new macros for opt-in and opt-out?

    - [Opt-OutKeyword]
    - [Opt-OutLink]
    - [Opt-InKeyword]
    - [Opt-InLink]

    Note: Reach out to Zenoti Support to add opt-in or opt-out keywords.

  • The new macros will work for both email and text messages?

  • I need to take consent from existing guests. Can I get the preferences turned on automatically for all the guests?

    No. You have to manually turn on the preferences before you send out the consent message.

  • Take consent from new guests.

    For new guests, ensure that you have not selected any notification preferences.

  • How can I request consent?
    After you've enabled double opt-in, you can see the Request button for the preferences that were already selected in the guest profile.

  • Can I re-request consent?

    Yes. Once you click the Request button, you can see the Retry button - click it to request consent again.

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