To comply with local laws, some regions must take the consent of guests before they can send notifications – marketing text/email and transactional text/email.

Zenoti has the following options related to notifications opt-in (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Guests):

  • Single Opt-in: Send notifications with the opt-out option.
    This option is for businesses who do not need consent from guests to send notifications - Zenoti will send notifications to guests till they choose to opt-out from receiving notifications.

  • Double Opt-in: Send consent notification and wait for the guest to opt-in to receive further notifications.

    This option is for businesses that must comply with local laws to take consent from guests before sending any notification.

    - For existing guests, businesses must manually update the preferences in guest profiles and save the preferences - the Request button is then enabled for these preferences (transactional and marketing) to request consent.

    - For new guests, businesses can disable preferences at the organizational level and request consent from guests before sending any notifications.

    Important: The Double Opt-in option is enabled by default for WhatsApp messages (transactional and marketing).

  • None: Send notifications and do not give opt-in or opt-out options to their guests.

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