After tips integration is enabled for your organization, you must configure your ADP account in the POS Accounting. This allows POS Accounting to send the tips information from Zenoti to ADP Wisely for a regular payout. After you configure the ADP account, you must create Stores for each of your centers.

Before you Begin

You must have the following information handy:

  1. POS Accounting Credentials: Reach out to your Zenoti Customer Success Manager to know your POS Accounting credentials.

  2. ADP Information: Keep the following ADP account details handy as you are required to enter these details to enable the integration:

    1. ADP API URL

    2. Client ID

    3. Client Secret Key

    4. Private Key Certificate: Generated during ADP’s CSR Process.

    5. Signed Certificate provided by ADP.

To configure your ADP account in POS Accounting

  1. Navigate to the URL
    The page prompts you to enter your credentials.

  2. Enter your POS Accounting credentials.

The POS Accounting dashboard appears.

3. From the side menu, select the option Server Config (indicated by a
monitor symbol).

The Payroll Software Configuration page opens.

4. Enter the following information:
a. Provider Name: Select ADP (Wisely) from the drop-down list.
b. Host Name: Enter any one of the following in this field:

  • sandbox: If you are testing out the ADP Integration on the ADP Sandbox environment, enter this option.

  • production: If you are submitting a live account details and would like to go live with this integration, enter this option.
    Note: This field is case sensitive. Enter either “sandbox” or “production”.

c. Client ID: Enter the Client ID provided by ADP.
d. Client Secret: Enter the Client Secret key provided by ADP.
e. Private Key: Upload the Private Key file obtained from ADP.
f. CRT File: Upload the CRT File obtained from ADP.

5. Click Submit.
The payroll configuration is now complete.
In the next steps, you must create Stores in POS Accounting.

Important: Create Stores for each of your centers. For example, if your organization has five centers, you must create five Stores in the POS Accounting.

6. From the side menu, click Store Management.

The Store Management page opens.

7. Click Add Store.

8. Enter the following information:

a. Store Name: Enter the name of the store. In this case, you can enter the name of your center.
b. Store Address: Enter the address of your center.
c. Country: Enter the country where you have your center.
d. State: Enter the state where you have your center.
e. Zip: Enter the Zip code of your center.
f. City: Enter the city where you have your center.
g. Payroll Frequency: Select any one of the following:
h. Daily: Select this option if you run your payroll daily.
i. Weekly: Select this option if you run your payroll weekly.
j. Bi-Weekly: Select this option if you run your payroll bi-weekly.
k. Monthly: Select this option if you run your payroll monthly.
l. Bi-Monthly: Select this option if you run your payroll bi-monthly.
m. Payroll Start Date: Enter the date when your payroll begins.
n. Store Number: This is the order of display of all of your stores. For example, enter the number 1,
to display the store at the top.
o. Cut Off Days: Enter a numeric value for the delay in payroll processing.
p. Cut Off Time: Enter the time when the payroll information should be synced.
q. Time Zone: Enter the time zone of your center.

9. Click Submit.
You have successfully configured ADP account details in POS Accounting and added stores for your centers.

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