After the tips integration is enabled for your organization, you must set up ADP configuration in POS Accounting, and then proceed to configure the POS Accounting details in Zenoti.

In this step, you will be configuring key settings such as:

  • Provider selection

  • POS Accounting details

  • Schedule tips processing time

  • Set up manual sync

  • Map locations

To configure ADP Tips in Zenoti

  1. At the organization-level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Integrations.

  2. Expand the Tips section.
    The Tips settings appear.

3. Configure the following in this screen:

  • Provider: Select Wisely as the integration platform and click Continue to proceed to the next section.

  • Configuration: You are required to configure the following settings:

  • Account: In this section, you must enter the details of your POS Accounting profile. (Reach out to your Zenoti Customer Success Manager).
    Enter the following information:
    - URL: Enter the URL of your service provider. In this case, the URL will
    - User Name: Enter your POS Accounting profile user name.
    - Password: Enter your POS Accounting profile password.

  • Sync: Enter the following information:

    • Start Date: Enter the date from when to schedule the tips processing.

    • Sync Time: Enter the time from when you want to schedule the tips processing.

    • Delay: You can delay the sync by a certain number of days. Enter the number of days in this field and click Save.

    • Mode of Tips to be processed: Select any one of the following:

  • All: Select this option if you want ADP tips enabled for all transactions. (credit card, debit card, cash)

  • CC: Select this option if you want ADP tips enabled only for credit card transactions.

  • Manual Sync: Select a date from when the sync should begin and click Post.
    Note: Manual Sync should only be done during the initial set up of the integration. You can set up a sync schedule for subsequent syncs.

  • Locations: Map all the stores created in POS Accounting with your centers in this section. The Center Name shows the centers for which you are configuring this integration. On the Mapped Name field, enter the corresponding store name. For example, for the New York center if you created Store 1 in POS Accounting, enter Store 1 in the field beside the center name. The Active slider will automatically turn ON after a successful location mapping. Click Save.

  • Sync Schedule: The Sync Schedule displays information regarding the regular syncs that run.
    Note: Reach out to the Zenoti Customer Success team to add the Sync Schedule.

4. Click Save.
You have successfully configured POS Accounting in Zenoti and completed the setup of ADP Tips integration.

All the tips collected by your organization through payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, and others will be processed and transferred to the respective Wisely accounts of your employees.

The following reports provide information on processed, unprocessed, and pending tips:

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