In Zenoti, content that goes out to your guests can either be based on a template or a default non-customizable template such as an alert for register closure, OTP, and temporary password.

You must share the registered content templates with Zenoti for approval, which takes a minimum of two business days.

1.Gather all message templates and upload them under the respective categories: Transactional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit, and Promotional.

a. For notification with templates

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b. For notifications without templates
i. Download the Notifications_without templates.xlsx file.

ii. Copy and paste the content of the notification that you want to register in the DLT portal.

iii. After registering the templates on DLT, send an email to Zenoti Support with an Excel file with the following details to get approval for the message to be delivered to your guests:

  • Template ID

  • Template content
    Macros in Zenoti are variables in DLT. The format to add a variable in DLT is {#var#}. For every macro that you have added to the Zenoti template, you must replace it with a variable in the DLT portal.

    For example, the content in the Appointment Confirmation notification after DLT registration is as follows,
    "Thank you for shopping with us. Your order {#var#} for a total of {#var#} is confirmed The expected delivery is {#var#}."

  • Name of the Template in Zenoti
    For example, Thank you, Appointment Confirmation, and Appointment Reminder.

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