Autoresponder allows you to send an automated response to guest’s messages that you receive after the center’s working hours.

Important: When configured, the autoresponder switches on automatically based on your center’s non-operational hours and holidays.

To set up auto responses for messages received after working hours

  1. Launch ezConnect.

  2. From the options pane, select Settings.
    The Settings page opens.

3. Switch ON the Autoresponder.

4. Type in the automated message that you wish to send to your guests.

  • Example: Thank you for your message. We are closed right now and will respond in the morning. Our salon hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. For questions about our services or to book online, please visit our website.

5. Click Save.
The autoresponder is activated and will send an automated reply to messages
that you receive after the center’s working hours.

After you configure this, you can also turn ON the Autoresponder from the home screen.

When your front desk logs in the next day or outside center hours, ezConnect shows a banner stating “Autoresponder is ON. Turn off for now”.

If the front desk turns off the Autoresponder, then it will stay deactivated for the duration of the working hours. It will automatically switch on again during the center's non-working hours.

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