Zenoti allows you to launch ezConnect from the following pages:

  • Appointment Book : In case your guest has not confirmed an appointment or is running late, then you can launch the ezConnect from the Appointment Book to inquire about the status.
    Note: The ezConnect icon in the Appointment Book does not show the count of unread messages.

After you book an appointment, you can access ezConnect from the context menu of the appointment.

  • Opportunities: Launch ezConnect from the Opportunities page to follow up about a sale or a guest inquiry. Navigate to center level > Sales > Opportunities > <Opportunity Title> > General tab. To launch ezConnect, click the ezConnect icon.

  • Feedback: If your guest leaves a negative feedback or was not happy with a service, then you can launch ezConnect from the guest feedback page to collect more details. Navigate to center level > Loyalty > Issue Tracking > <Guest Name>, and locate the ezConnect icon.

  • Guest Profile: You can also launch ezConnect from the guest profile, to fill the details about the guest or to confirm some details with the guest.

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