ezConnect allows you to converse with your guests through text messaging to confirm appointments, book new appointments, and answer general queries.

When a guest is confirming an appointment, it is not necessary for the guest to reply in a single word, such as “Ok”, or “Yes”. Different guests can reply to the appointment confirmation message differently. Some may say “Yes sure”, while other may say “Definitely”.

To accommodate the multiple ways of answering to appointment confirmations, you can configure multiple keywords or phrases in ezConnect.

Note: Keywords can only be added or configured by the Center Manager or Center Owner.

To configure multiple phrases for appointment confirmation

  1. Launch ezConnect.

  2. From the options pane, select Settings.
    The Settings page opens.

3. In the Keywords to confirm Appointment box, enter the words or phrases that
you wish to add. A keyword cannot be more than 25 characters.

4. Click the “+” symbol to add the keyword.
Note: To add multiple keywords, repeat the same process. You can add a total
of five keywords.

5. Click Save.

You have successfully added keywords for appointment confirmation.

Important: You must convey to your guests that they can respond with the keywords when you send the appointment confirmation message. For example: Please respond by stating either Yes, Ok, or Confirm, to confirm the appointment.

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