For front-desk staff that uses ezConnect, it is imperative to stay updated with the latest messages from guests, else, this may lead to increased guest wait times and poor guest experience.

At the same time, is also difficult for the front-desk staff to constantly flip between multiple applications and check for the latest messages on ezConnect.

To this end, you can enable sound notifications for ezConnect that notify the front-desk staff every time a message is received.

Before you begin

You must configure browser notifications before you enable the notifications.

To enable sound notifications

  1. Launch ezConnect.
    ezConnect opens and on the top-right corner displays the name of the user and a drop-down arrow.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow.
    The following settings appear:

  • Notification Sounds: Switch ON this setting to hear a sound alert when you receive a new message.

  • Desktop Notifications: Switch ON this setting to view desktop notifications for every new guest message.

The notifications are now enabled.

Whenever you receive a message, you will hear a sound play and a notification appear on your browser.

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