ezConnect is a multi-channel business texting platform that allows you to:

  • View and act upon transactional messages and notifications such as, appointment and thank you notification

  • Respond to guest enquiries around services, bookings, and products, during and after the center hours

  • Follow up with guests to reschedule, confirm, or cancel their appointments

  • Communicate using the SMS and WhatsApp channels

Supported Regions

  • SMS: ezConnect with SMS channel is only supported in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • WhatsApp: ezConnect with Whatsapp channel is supported in 109 countries around the world - All the countries where WhatsApp is available, will support ezConnect with WhatsApp channel.


ezConnect is available in the following configurations:

  • ezConnect - Only SMS: This configuration allows you to send messages to your guests only via SMS.

  • ezConnect - Only WhatsApp: This configuration allows you send messages to your guests only via WhatsApp.

  • ezConnect - with SMS and WhatsApp: This configuration allows you to send messages to your guest via SMS and WhatsApp.

ezConnect supports the following business models:

  • Call center model: ezConnect supports a call center model, wherein the employees of the call center, access the Appointment Book for all the centers and subsequently manage guest calls or text messages to book and reschedule the appointments.

  • Franchise model: You can also set up ezConnect for a franchise when you need to only manage the guests of your individual center. This way, your employees will use ezConnect to manage calls and text messages to book and reschedule appointments for guests of only your center.

Launch ezConnect

After you enable ezConnect for your business, you can launch it from the following pages in Zenoti:

  • Appointment Book

  • Opportunities page

  • Feedback page

  • Guest Profile

Learn how you can launch ezConnect from different locations in Zenoti.

With ezConnect, you can do the following:

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