Afterpay allows guests to purchase services or goods upfront and make split payments every month. This means guests can make instalment payments for the items they purchase from you that you allow them to purchase with Afterpay.

Note: Afterpay with Zenoti is only available for in-store purchases.

How does it work?


To collect Afterpay payments in Zenoti, you must have an account with Afterpay.

If you do not have an Afterpay account, you must create an account.

To collect Afterpay payments

You must provide the following details to Afterpay:

  1. Legal Business Name: Provide the legal business name of your company as it is registered in your business registration documents.

  2. Merchant ID: Provide your Zenoti Payment's Merchant ID (MID).
    Note: Reach out to Zenoti Support to know your Merchant ID.

After you provide the above details to Afterpay, they will allow you to take Afterpay payments on your terminals through Zenoti Payments.

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