To ensure compliance with local laws, some regions must take guest consent prior to sending notifications.

Zenoti has the Double Opt-in option to allow businesses to send consent notifications and wait for the guest to opt-in to receive further notifications.

Important Points

  • Businesses can get a guest's consent through the double opt-in feature on Zenoti Mobile too.

  • For Webstore, CMA, and Kiosk where a guest can opt-in, Zenoti considers single opt-in even if the business has enabled double opt-in.

Before you begin

  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Guests and ensure that you have enabled the following settings:

a. Transactional Messages
Select Double Opt-in for transactional messages - it will be applicable for both emails and text (SMS).

b. Marketing Messages
Select Double Opt-in for marketing messages - it will be applicable for both emails and text (SMS).

Important: The Double Opt-in option is enabled by default for WhatsApp messages (transactional and marketing).

2. Enable the following templates under the Email/Texts tab:

3. Add the following macros in the notification templates:

  • [Opt-InKeyword] - To insert keywords that guests can reply with to opt in for receiving notifications. For example, "Y" or Yes.

    Reach out to Zenoti to add specific opt-in keywords for your business.

  • [Opt-InLink] - To insert a button that guests can click to opt in for receiving notifications.

  • 4. For new guests, ensure that you have not selected any notification preferences.

For existing guests, you have to manually clear (de-select) the preferences in the guest profile and request consent from each guest - we do not have any bulk update option.

To take consent from guest

  1. For new guests, you can view the Request button in the guest profile. Click Request for transactional, marketing, and WhatsApp messages.

2. Confirm sending the notification and click Save.
The consent notification is sent to the guest and the Request button is replaced with the Retry button.

3. (Optional) If you want to send another consent notification, click Retry.

4. Repeat step 1 to step 3 for all types of notifications: transactional (email and text), marketing (email and text) and WhatsApp.

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