Disclaimer: Please note that Zenoti cannot register notification templates on your behalf. If your business is in India, we request you to complete the registration process. If your business does not register with DLT, Zenoti is not liable to any loss in message credits due to the bounce-back of unregistered notifications.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has mandated that effective 1st April 2021, any business communication that goes to customers is on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The communication can be a campaign, a transactional message, a promotional message, or even an OTP. This is to avoid spam and fraudulent messages from unknown sources and protects the interests of the end customer.

Before you begin

  1. Click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > General tab.

  3. In the Brand Name box, enter a name for your business that will be recognized as your company name when sending messages.

    As of 19th May 2021, TRAI made it mandatory to include the brand name in alerts and transactional messages such as Thank you and Appointment Confirmation notifications. The brand name is not included in promotional messages, rather will be used as the sender name in non-customizable templates such as register closure, OTP, and temporary password.

    For example, if the thank you notification is as follows,

    “Thank you for visiting Zenoti Software, we are pleased to serve you today. If you loved the services, we request you to take a moment and share the feedback.”

    Here, Zenoti Software is the brand name that you entered in the Brand Name box.

    Important: Make a note of the brand name as you will be registering your business with the same name on DLT.

3. Click Save.

To register your business and content on DLT

Step 1: Register your business as an entity with DLT

Step 2: Share details with Zenoti

Step 3: Register any outgoing content on DLT and Zenoti
Note: If you make any changes to the content, you have to re-register it with DLT and get it approved with Zenoti.

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