What is a Dispute Withdrawal?

Sometimes guests may dispute a transaction in error, not realizing that it is a legitimate transaction. In such cases, guests can contact their issuing bank and request the dispute to be withdrawn.

When guests withdraw their disputes, the issuer provides a written confirmation (usually a cancelation letter or a withdrawal letter) stating that the dispute is now withdrawn.

What to do when a dispute is raised?

Below are the best practices for a business:

  1. Contact your guests and inform them about the dispute. Mention that the dispute can be cancelled through the issuing bank.

  2. Request the guests to collect the cancelation letter (withdrawal letter) from the bank.

  3. Request the guests for a copy of the cancelation letter.

  4. Submit the following evidence in Zenoti:

    1. Dispute Cancelation Letter - Mandatory

    2. Evidence - as per the dispute reasons
      Learn how you can submit evidence in Zenoti
      Note: You can submit evidence only once and only a single document is allowed. Ensure all your evidences are placed in this single document.

  5. After 30 days, the status of the dispute should change to Win.

Incase, you do not win the dispute, email payments@zenoti.com, with the following details:

  • Subject: Dispute Cancelation Letter << Organization Name, Center Name >>

  • Body: Guest Name, Invoice Number, Date of Transaction.

Important: Ensure you attach dispute cancelation letter in the email.

Dispute Cancelation Flow

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