1. How do I add more services and products to my Webstore?

  2. What best practices can I adopt to improve visits to my Webstore?

  3. How do I run campaigns to promote my Webstore?

  4. How do I add gift cards to my Webstore?

  5. How do I enable referral marketing on my Webstore?

  6. How do I remove mandatory login from my Webstore?

    You cannot remove mandatory login from Webstore. It is necessary for the guest to log in to Webstore V2 to book an appointment and also to check the membership benefits. If you wish, you can use social logins, if you do not want the regular login. Learn more

  7. How do I create a target segment using Webstore users?

    You cannot create a target segment based on Webstore users.

  8. How do I enable a therapist on Webstore?

    If you want your therapists to appear on Webstore V2, you must configure the following settings in Zenoti:

    • Employee Schedule: You must set up employee schedules for your service therapists as Zenoti uses this information to show their availability in the Appointment Book and in the Webstore.
      Learn how you can configure the Employee Schedule.

    • Employee Catalog: Employee catalog allows you to display the available therapists in the Webstore.
      Learn how you can configure the Employee Catalog.

    • Ensure that the therapist is checked in: Webstore shows only those therapists who have checked in for the day. Learn how to Check In and Check Out Employees

  9. How can I update the sidebar of the webstore to display my monthly promotions and offers at my store?

    There is no setting to configure sidebar display. Instead, you can use the Announcement Banner to display the monthly promotions and offers at your store. Learn how.

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