Parallel services allow you to book two services with two different providers at the same time. This way, your guests can save time.

Webstore V2 provides a convenient interface from where your guests can combine services so that they can be done parallelly.

Consider this example. Gina, a guest, wants to book manicure and pedicure from your Webstore. These services can be combined and done simultaneously if they are performed by different therapists, resulting in more sales for the business and an optimized booking schedule.

To book a parallel appointment on Webstore V2

  1. Navigate to Webstore V2.

  2. Sign in to Webstore V2 using your username and password.

  3. Click Change Location to select the center of your choice.

  4. Select the first service. For example, select Manicure.

  5. Select a provider.

    The Add More Services button and the Select Date and Time (calendar) appear.

  6. Click the Add More Services button to select the second service. For example, Pedicure.

  7. Select a different provider.

    After you select a provider, you get an alert saying that you can save time if you combine the two services.

    Note: To combine services so that they can be performed parallelly, two different providers need to be selected. If you book the services with the same provider or if no provider is selected, you cannot make the services parallel. If for the second service, i.e. Pedicure, you select the same Provider as that of the first service, i.e., Manicure, you are alerted that you can change the therapist so that you can save time.

  8. Click Yes, Combine Services.

    The available date and time refreshes to show only those slots where the room for the parallel group is available.

  9. Select an available date and then select the time for which you want to book the appointment for parallel services.

  10. Click Book Reservation.

    The confirm booking page appears.

  11. Review the booking dates and price and click Confirm Booking.

    The booking confirmation page appears.

    The appointment is confirmed with the two services (manicure and pedicure) as parallel services.

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