An event is an offering in a workshop that is usually a specific course or a day’s worth of activities that fall within a workshop. A workshop is a program that has different events associated with it.


The Workshop - Yoga Retreat to Peru ($3,399) workshop can have the following events.

  • Day 1: Lima

  • Day 2: Lima/Cusco

  • Day 3: Cusco/Ollantaytambo

To create an event for workshop

  1. Navigate to Fitness > Resources > Workshops.

  2. Click the workshop for editing.
    The General tab opens.

3. Select the Events tab.

4. Click +Create Event.
The Create Event dialog box appears.

5. Enter the following details:

a. Name: Enter the name of the event.
Example: Day 1 - Lima

b. Event Code: Enter a unique code that identifies the event.

c. Description: Describe the event to tell your guests the purpose of the event.
Example: Arrive anytime. Arrival transfer included.
e. Html Description: Enter a description of the event that you want to display on your Webstore.
To preview the description, click Preview.

6. Click Save.

The event is added.

Next Step:

Enter details in the Price tab.

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