Worldpay has notified that contactless payments will no longer be supported on the terminal Verifone Vx805 for Worldpay (Vantiv) triPOS Direct.

In case, you want to continue with Verifone Vx805 card reader and Worldpay (Vantiv) triPOS Direct, please note that you must disable the contactless payment mode on the card reader.

To disable the contactless payment mode on Vx805

  1. Navigate to C > Program Files (x86) > Vantiv > triPOS service.

  2. Locate the file triPOS.config.

  3. Right-click the file and open it in the Notepad.
    The triPOS.config file opens.

  4. On the keyboard press Ctrl + F keys and enter <isContactlessMsdEntryAllowed> in the search bar.

5. Change the value from True to False.

6. Repeat step 5 for all the <isContactlessMsdEntryAllowed> entries in
the triPOS.config file.

Check the following for reference:



7. Save and close the file.

8. Restart the triPOS service:
a. Press Windows + R key and in the Open: box enter Services.msc
b. Click Ok.
c. From the list of services, locate triPOS.NET and click Restart the Service.

You have successfully disabled Contactless payments for the terminal Verifone Vx805 on Worldpay (Vantiv) triPOS Direct.

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