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GET v1/employees/${employee_id}

"security_profile_id": "14775077-42d5-45ed-8ec9-54ea191c086c"

"security_profile_id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"


POST v1/employees/{employee_id}/blockouttimes

When you try to create a block-out time for an employee by using an API on a center holiday.

Earlier no proper response was returned.

"expected_response": {},

With this release, a valid error message is displayed (defect fix).

"expected_response": {"code":502,"message":"Cannot create the blockouttime on center holiday."}

Create a blockout time for an employee


When you make a request by using an unauthorized token (employee who does not have role permissions or with a wrong guest ID).

HTTP status code 401

HTTP status code 403


GET v1/guests/${guest_id}/memberships

When you try to retrieve the memberships of a guest.

A new parameter named membership_status has been added to the response object that captures the active or inactive status of the membership.

List all memberships of a guest

GET v1/guests/${guest_id}/forms?version_no={version_no}

When you make an API request by using an employee/guest token that does not have valid authorization.

{'ErrorCode': 602, 'Message': 'User does not have access', 'ModelState': null}

{"ErrorCode": 602, "Message": "User does not have access", "ModelState": null}

Retrieve a guest form

GET v1/guests/${guest_id}/forms?version_no=${version_no}

When you make an API request by using a wrong version number.

{"ErrorCode": 500,"Message": "Input string was not in a correct format.","ModelState": null}

{"code": 502,"message": "Invalid Version No" }

Retrieve a guest form

For more information on Zenoti APIs, refer to the Zenoti API Guide.

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